a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espíritu Santo

Sunday Worship English 8:30am & 9:45am & Español 11:15am

Discipleship and spiritual growth is not a program, it is a part of life.  Would you like to study the bible in a group that fits your season of life?  We hosts groups for men and women, couples, 20 Somethings, moms, high school and middle schools students.  New groups forming as needed, or connect to an existing group.  For more information or to join a group, contact Brian@RiversideChurch.com.

2’s and 3’s

A Discipleship Initiative of people who commit themselves to grow through faith put into action investing in themselves and others by:

  • Partnership with 1-2 others for 4 months (hopefully recommitting)
  • Discovering together in scripture what their discipleship journey will be
  • Deepening their walk and practice of abiding in Christ
  • Stepping forward in Spirit led service so that others see Jesus
  • Supporting each other with encouragement, openness and accountability

For more information or to join a group, contact Brian at Brian@RiversideChurch.com

We have been called to discipleship

REST – worship regularly

EAT – do something to feed yourself spiritually

  • Withdraw daily alone
  • Withdraw regularly with a few others
  • Withdraw yearly to the mountaintop


  • use your TIME to honor God
  • use your TALENTS to honor God
  • use your TREASURES to honor God

Here are ways you can feed yourself spiritually.  Click images below to learn more.

Connect with others
Impact local community & world