a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espíritu Santo

Sunday Worship English 8:30am & 9:45am & Español 11:15am

Riverside has two regional ministries one in Herndon (Lunch for the Soul) and the other in Lucketts (The Porch). Both of these provide a platform to serve a community at risk as well as develop relationships. If you are fluent in spanish, or enjoy cooking and serving food, organizing a food pantry or just lending a hand these might be a great way to get involved.

Lunch for the Soul

Lunch for the SoulIMG_8153
Join us on Wednesdays at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon, VA.  We cook and prepare a hot meal for the day laborer community, followed by worship and bible study. Opportunities include, grocery shopping, prepping food, cooking, driving, setting and cleaning up. If you are bi-lingual with English and Spanish that is helpful but not necessary. Contact us



  The Porch –Faith Chapel 3 (Mobile)

Faith Chapel in Lucketts, VA opened in 1885; it closed 130 years later in 2015. In the Summer of 2017 Gary Mears, and his wife Lisa, moved to Lucketss to begin the work of opening a new worshiping community at the site of the former Faith Chapel location for this rapidly changing area. They call this new ministry, “The Porch at Faith Chapel.”

“We call our ministry The Proch,” say Gary, “because it’s a place of hopitality, where everyone is welcome. It’s a place where neighbors can come to talk, listen, get to know each other and develop their relationships with God.”

Two thousand years ago, Solomon’s Porch was the place from which the early church grew:

Through the work of the apostles, many God-signs were set up among the people, many wonderful things were done. They all met regularly and in remarkable harmony on the Temple porch named after Solomon. (Acts 5:12)

The Porch at Faith Chapel is a merger of modern-day hospitality and Biblical roots. If you’d like to learn more about this ministry, contact Gary at 703.608.8616 or go to their website: theporchinlucketts.org