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Since 1998 we have been developing our relationship and commitment with communities in Kenya.  Most recently we partnered with The Good Shepherd Church in Nairobi Kenya to work in the farming community of Mau Summit.  We have committed to continue this relationship in 2017 providing economic support to further farming co-operatives and education, conflict resolution and long term economic sustainability.  If you would like to read more about this project, please take a look at the Peace Potato Brochure.


Trip to the United States
Daniel and Bones In July 2017 seven members from the Peace Potato Team traveled here to share how the Peace Potato Program is working in the Nakuru Community.  They participated in our Sonrise Camp sharing stories about children and farmers who benefit from the Peace Potato project.  Riverside hosted a dinner where Daniel Kamiti shared his story of loss after the 2008 elections and his road to financial and spiritual recovery.  Laureen Njuguna and Rev. Bones spoke how this project has brought unlikely partners together, farmers from different tribes working together to farm and develop sustainable markets.
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Story of Transformation

This month the focus is on our milk transporters who have been employed by the program. Their main duties include collecting milk from farmers every morning. This activity kicks off from 5:30AM to 10:00A.M. Each transporter owns a motorbike which they usually use for transporting the milk and has a route for milk collection. They collect the milk from one farmer to the other, checking the quality using a lactometer and alcohol for testing the freshness and density of the milk. They then deliver the milk to the milk bar shop for sale and distribution. Each of them has a young family and have highly benefited from the program for they are able to earn an income and provide basic needs for their families. They each have a story to tell on how the program has impacted their lives; To read the entire report click here!

1. Simon, on the left bought a cow using his earnings which he topped up with a loan from the co-operative society.
2. Kerich, the 2nd from the left has been able to provide food for his family, which was not an easy task before he joined the program.
3. Daniel Kamiti, the 3rd from the left is the chairman of starlight and not a transporter. He has been able to rebuild his home which was burnt down during the 2007/2008 post-election violence using proceeds from potato seeds sales and bought a lorry for transporting potatoes to the market. He also bought a dairy cow. He is selling milk through the co-operative society.
4. Ngeno, 4th from left is a transporter whom I shared his transformation story last month. He has built a house for his family through milk transportation proceeds and was able to acquire a loan from Starlight for taking His first Borne daughter to high school in January.
5. Maina, joined the program in January as a transporter and for the last 2 months he has been able to provide basic needs for his family.


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The Peace Potato program is being implemented through the partnership of Riverside Presbyterian Church and Good Shepherd African Gospel Church in Mau Summit Ward, Kuresoi North Sub-county in Nakuru County. The program has been empowering farmers and Pastors in the Molo region through formation of a sustainable Farmers Marketing Co-operative Society.

The vision of the Cooperative Society is to bring together farmers from different ethnic groups, to enhance peace and development, providing a platform where farmers from different tribes can work together. Through the Cooperative, the farmers are receiving training, doing farming, accessing loans, purchasing farm inputs jointly to reduce cost of production and selling their produce in bulk to enjoy better profit margins.

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