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un movimiento del Espiritu Santo

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Since 1998 we have been developing our relationship and commitment with communities in Kenya.  Most recently we partnered with The Good Shepherd Church in Nairobi Kenya to work in the farming community of Mau Summit.  We have committed to continue this relationship in 2018 providing economic support to further farming co-operatives and education, conflict resolution and long term economic sustainability.  If you would like to read more about this project, please take a look at the Peace Potato Brochure.


Trip to the United States
Daniel and Bones In July 2017 seven members from the Peace Potato Team traveled here to share how the Peace Potato Program is working in the Nakuru Community.  They participated in our Sonrise Camp sharing stories about children and farmers who benefit from the Peace Potato project.  Riverside hosted a dinner where Daniel Kamiti shared his story of loss after the 2008 elections and his road to financial and spiritual recovery.  Laureen Njuguna and Rev. Bones spoke how this project has brought unlikely partners together, farmers from different tribes working together to farm and develop sustainable markets.
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Story of Transformation

Caroline reseller to Hotels
Meet Caroline Cherono (on the left) , a milk buyer of Starlight Farmers’ Co-operative Society since early 2015. Caroline is a single mother of 3 children (16 years old – high school, 12 years old and 8 years old both in primary school).

Carol had this to say about the project, “I started buying milk from starlight and reselling to hotels in March 2015. I usually buy 90 litres a day. Starlight has been a blessing to me for through allowing me to resell their milk to hotels which they could sell to directly, they have enabled me to earn an income for educating my children and for providing for their basic needs. Through the milk sales profit, I have also been able to construct a house for my family. I earn a profit of approximately Kshs 5 per litre of milk, a total of Kshs 450 a day (USD 4.50).

I’m so grateful to the management team of starlight for walking with me in this journey by ensuring that the milk supply is constant throughout the year and the quality is always good. Before I started buying milk from Starlight, I used to buy directly from farmers and sometimes I would get big loses because I did not have the capacity to test the quality of the milk as I collected. The collection cost was also very high for I used to hire a motorbike to take me round to the farmers’ homes. Starlight has trained all the farmers and even I on milk hygiene and they always test the milk before collecting from the farmers to ensure the quality is good. I also like the fact that when a farmer’s milk is of poor quality, they follow up to know the cause and train the farmer on how to improve the quality. God bless Starlight.”