a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espíritu Santo

Sunday Worship English 8:30am & 9:45am & Español 11:15am


Sugarland Back Pack MinistryBackpacks

This ministry meets weekly on Thursday’s at Sugarland Elementary packing backpacks with food.  This is an easy way to support our local community.  Generally requires 1 hour of time and you don’t need to attend Riverside to get involved. Adults, High School Students and local service organiztions are welcome. Sign up here!


Lunch for the Soul

Lunch for the SoulThis ministry meets on Wednesday’s at Trinity Presbyterian in Herndon, VA preparing a noon time meal for day laborers.  Volunteers are needed to for a vairety of jobs that can either be done the day of our in advance.

This Ministry offers a time, fellowship with a hot meal, worship, and bible study. Sign up here!


Since 1998 we have been developing our relationship and commitment with communities in Kenya.

Mau Summit Parish Woman’s Guild Dispensary

In 1998 Riverside Presbyterian Church partnered with the Presbyterian Church East Africa to fund a clinic to provide basic health care for the Mau Summit community.

A well for Imaroro

In 2004 Riverside partnered with the Massai people of Imaroro to build a well.  Prior to having a well, the community walked 17 kilometers to the nearest water source.  Riverside raised $50,000 to fund the building of this well.  1800 local people use this well.

Riverside Church in Mau Summit

In 2006, we provided computers for the community of Mau Summit.  Post presidential election violence destroyed these places, including Riverside Church and forced many to move into refugee camps, where people spend their evenings under the safety of local authority.  During the day they walk back to their land and farm.

Beginning again after the violence

potatoseedIn 2010 the community began to rebuild.  Through the Mau Summit Parish, Reverend Nancy has been vital in serving four churches in the area.  Riverside committed to a three year financial support for Reverend Nancy to re-establish the church.

Through World Relief Kenya, Riverside provided financial support to help develop a Farmer Co-op.  This Co-op hosted 142 members from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, including pastors and tribual members effectived by the violence in 2006 and 2007.  Training sessions for conflict resolution, improved farming skills, financial management, and importance of groups were hosted.

FinaniFarmerCoOpcal support for a sustainable potato seed was provided.  The initial launch of the potato project proved to be positive and well received.

We are currently exploring how Riverside can continue to support this peace and economic intiative.  If you would like more information or work with this group contact us.