a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espiritu Santo

Sunday Worship English 8:30am & 9:45am & Español 11:15am

We have a God-given Mission that directs our life and work together. Riverside is a movement of the Holy Spirit, called by God to make disciples by:

Connecting people to God and each other through Jesus Christ.

Impacting our community and our world with Christ’s love.

Empowering people to use their gifts to honor God.

We will practice “Room For One More”

  • We will go to the world (John 17:18)

  • We will seek God’s ways to include more people (Matthew 14:16)

  • We will live out our call to all nations, seeking to include all cultures and people groups (Acts 1:8)

We will strive to live out loving and graceful relationships 

  • People over program and ministry (Mark 2:27)

  • We will “go” to people we have offended (Matthew 5:23)

  • We will “go” to people who have offended us (Matthew 18:15)

  • We will practice “agape”, God’s unconditional love (I Corinthians 13)

We acknowledge scripture as the authority for life and practice

We have been called to discipleship

REST – worship regularly

EAT – do something to feed yourself spiritually

  • Withdraw daily alone
  • Withdraw regularly with a few others
  • Withdraw yearly to the mountaintop


  • Use your TIME to honor God
  • Use your TALENTS to honor God
  • Use your TREASURES to honor God

We believe giving is a response to what God has done and not out of an obligation.  If you have questions about Riverside Church, our ministry plan, our budget or anything else please contact us.  We are transparent with how our donations are spent and are happy to pass along any information you are interested in.  We are excited to be a part of our community and using our resources to fulfill the MISSION we have been given.  Please go to our ACS Login page to DONATE.

Riverside Church is a 501c3 nonprofit and all donations are tax exempt.  We do offer online giving through a secure 3rd party.  After you choose the amount you will be asked how you would like the monies directed and if it is a one time or ongoing donation.

Thank you for your support of the ministries, staff and program or Riverside Church.

Pictures below of our community of faith in action:

 Feed a Student, OCNJ, Adult Seminar, Coffee Shop, Peace Potato Partners, Sonrise, Open House