a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espiritu Santo

New Worship Service Starting August 27th 8:30am
Sunday Worship English 9:45am & Español 11:15am

The goal of Riverside Student Ministries is to encourage 6th to 12th grade students to become fully devoted followers of Christ by CONNECTING them  to God and each other, Youth-talkEMPOWERING them to use their God given gifts, and IMPACTING their community and world with God’s love.

Students make decisions every day that impact their lives and the lives of others.   We encourage students to explore how a relationship with God will change their EVENTSlives and the lives of people around them.  Through Sunday Studies, Youth Groups, Events, Retreats, Service/Mission Trips, C-Groups, Leadership Training and more; students can find the right place for them to experience God.  All of Riverside’s Student activities are open to the community and students are encouraged to bring friends.




We have a variety of weekly offerings and special events through the year for our Middle and High School Students. Here are just a few of the things we have going on:

Sunday School.  We know that our high school and middle school students need a place for age appropriate learning. A place where faith and life and intersect. A place we can youth-worshipunpack our questions from the Bible and study topics that are relative to their lives.  Sunday mornings is our opportunity to do all of that, as well as get connected with other teens who are looking to do the same thing.  We also encourage our student to be involved in Sunday morning Worship on a regular basis.   It is important for our teens to be in Worship.  Check our calendar for the dates and when we will have Sunday school and when students will be in worship.

Youth Group.  A great place to bring your friends.  Youth Group is a time of worship, games, food and a message.  It is an opportunity to explore or be reminded of the basics oYouthGroup (Mobile)f faith. Got questions about what your believe or if you believe in God at all? Youth Group is a safe place to come and ask those questions, have fun and meet some others who have the same questions.  Check the CALENDAR to see when High School and Middle School Youth Groups are meeting.

Camps, Retreats, Trips and Service Projects.  Through the year there are different opportunities to get out of CAMPStown.  Each summer we have large groups of high school students from our youth group and the community going to our retreat at the beach, affectionately known as OCNJ.  Our middle school students head to the mountains in July for their retreat, On the Edge.  The high school students participate in a winter retreat President’s Day weekend at Rockbridge Young Life Camp.  We also offer opportunities for all students to get involved in the local community through service projects.

Please Remindvisit the Calendar or follow Riverside students on Instagram or Facebook or Remind101 to see the upcoming activities and events for students.  Parents or students; if you have any questions, comments, or need anything please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you want to chat about getting plugged in (or parents wanting to get their child connected) we are happy to talk more about Riverside Student Ministries. One important core value of Riverside Student ministries is everyone is invited, it does not matter if you ‘go’ to Riverside or not you are welcome at any activity or event!  So sign up or show up and bring a friend!