a movement of the Holy Spirit
un movimiento del Espiritu Santo

New Worship Service Starting August 27th 8:30am
Sunday Worship English 9:45am & Español 11:15am


Sugarland Back Pack MinistryBackpacks

This ministry meets weekly on Thursday’s at Sugarland Elementary packing backpacks with food.  This is an easy way to support our local community.  Generally requires 1 hour of time and you don’t need to attend Riverside to get involved. Adults, High School Students and local service organizations are welcome. Volunteer Sign up here!

Lunch for the Soul

Lunch for the SoulThis ministry meets on Wednesday’s at Trinity Presbyterian in Herndon, VA preparing a noon time meal for day laborers.  Volunteers are needed to for a vairety of jobs that can either be done the day of our in advance.

This Ministry offers a time, fellowship with a hot meal, worship, and bible study. Volunteer Sign up here!

Children’s Ministry

SundaySchoolWe are making some new schedules in our Sunday school classes and one important piece to moving into the new year is you!  We are asking all our parents to take turn coming into their child’s class as an assistant.  We need more parents to be walking alongside the kids!  We all as parents wish I had more time to sit down and talk with our kids about faith and Sunday school is a great platform for that.  We believe kids need to be in the “big” church service from time to time, to experience worship and see their parents in church.  We also believe we as parents need to poke our heads in our child’s Sunday school from time to time.  This is a great spiritual exercise!  Don’t feel like you are “missing church”, as we think that going to Sunday school with you child IS going to church!  We do believe that volunteering in your child’s Sunday school will be something you will want to repeat!  One or both of the parents are welcome to come!  To volunteer contact Office@Riversidechurch.com.


1005Sunday Mornings we utilize 3 greeters.  The main requirement is a willingness to welcome people for the 9:45am and 11:15am worship services.  Main responsibilities include, handing out worship guides, offering, Sunday morning counts and restocking the Kenya cafe.  Volunteer Sign Up Here