Afternoon Adventure

More than an after school program!

For the last ten years, we have had the privilege of sharing Christ’s love with the students and their families. We get to discover “together” what it means to be community, to demonstrate love, show hope and serve each other. One of the realities of the children in our program is that often they go home and become the caretakers of younger siblings. Not because they are not loved or cared for, but quite the opposite, parents are trying to make sure, their children are provided for and may have opportunities they lacked themselves, so they work long and hard.  All this time, the parents have trusted us to love their kids, share the good news of Christ with them, and be present in their children’s lives.  I often say that the biggest divide in our community is not race but economics. Afternoon Adventure gives us the space to expose children from our communities to different activities and opportunities. The fact that we can show up for six weeks each fall and spring so they can have the space to have fun and be carefree is motivation enough to keep showing up. Keep inviting others to come and share the different skills and talents that they have with the students at Afternoon Adventure.  I knew then that we needed to remain present in the students and families lives!  It really is a privilege for us as church to be invited and to be present in the community as we follow Christ’s example “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” (John 1:14a)  If you want to know more about Afternoon Adventure and the possibilities for engagement, let me know.  I would love to talk to you about it.  Email us