May 19, 2024


Things that are happening through the week you can pray for:

  • Celebration Picnic on May 26 after the 10am worship service.
  • High School Bible Study – High School students gathering before school to hear a message and have breakfast together.
  • Lunch for the Soul – A lunch and fellowship on Wednesdays, for the Day Labor Community in Herndon at Holy Cross.
  • Search for Student Ministry Director
  • Session will meet this Wednesday – pray for their time together.
  • Summer Camps – This is a large undertaking. We have already started the administrative and theme portion of our camp planning! Pray for volunteers, resources, and the campers!
  • Starlight Cooperative and the SACCO – Our partners in Kenya.

If you want to know more about any of these activities for your prayer time please let us know. EMAIL US


Riverside will provide the hamburgers/hot dogs, chips and drinks. Help us out with a side dish or a dessert. Let us know EMAIL.