Faith Chapel Community Church

When Gary and Lisa Mears moved to Lucketts in July 2017 they didn’t know what was going to happen, but The Porch ministry began. The Porch began with hospitality events (like Food Truck Monday) and community service projects (like Sharing Holiday Joy) seeking to bring the community together to form a new church at the site the 130-year old Faith Chapel Presbyterian Church that had closed in 2015.

Fast forward to December 2018, the Lucketts community celebrated the birth of Christ at Faith Chapel with traditional carols and the Christmas story from Luke read by local elementary school students. It was a wonderful afternoon, indicating that the community wanted Sunday worship to begin. Faith Chapel’s weekly Sunday worship began in March 2019. It’s small-but-committed
congregation is growing, “guided by Jesus and love for our neighbors.” What the future holds is in God’s hands, but you can see the impact this worshiping community is having in Lucketts as local folks continue to see Faith Chapel as a church that lives-out it’s faith and is welcoming to all.

Weekly events at Faith Chapel include Sunday worship at 9:30, a Women’s Bible Study on Monday at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday afternoon Mahjong at 1:00 and the Wednesday Gathering at 7:30. In addition, Faith Chapel runs the Lucketts Community Food Pantry on the second Saturday of each month.

We’ve dropped the name “The Porch.” It seems when you’re at the site of a church called “Faith Chapel” that existed for 130 years, that’s what local
people are going to call you – so why fight it!!

Come visit us when you can! For more information on Faith Chapel go to Facebook @faithchapelcommunitychurch, our website