What is a Missional Facility?

After the sale of the property on the corner of Middlefield and Cascades Parkway in Sterling, Riverside Church knew a few things about our new facility. First, we knew we would not be able to build,  it would be too cost prohibitive. We knew our mission in Sterling was not yet over and we wanted our new facility to be located here.  We also knew we did not want a building we used on Sundays and sat empty the rest of the week. Session, staff, the facility task force and volunteers took these parameters into account as we located and developed the Ridgetop facility.  Our Missional Facility includes leasing space to tenants and Riverside operating a coffee shop 7 days a week. This arrangement allows Riverside to focus their offerings towards ministry and interacting with the community daily.  The term ‘Missional Facility’ was donned to express the intentional desire that the facility would not own us but would be a tool to further the Mission of Riverside Church into the community.