Student Ministry Happenings


By now new school shoes may have their first scuffs and most students are settling into the fall routine.  The excitement of seeing friends and new classrooms is being replaced with homework, quizzes, and test.  This does not mean that the fun of Fall is gone!  Riverside Student Ministry has been kicking off student youth groups, activities, events and Bible studies!  We are diving into fulfilling the mission of Riverside Church into the lives of students and their families! We hope to CONNECT students to God and each other through Jesus Christ, EMPOWER students to use their God given gifts to IMPACT their community and world! So far this fall, fulfilling that mission we have been visiting our schools at football games, volleyball games, See You At the Pole prayer day, cross country meets and more!

Connecting students has included games in our parking lot at Ridgetop, playing video games upstairs in our student room, a trip to the Corn Maze, a bonfire and movie night and catching up over smoothies or ice-cream.  We are meeting for Bible study on Sunday and Thursday mornings as well as Youth Groups to learn about God, grow in our faith in Jesus and empower our spiritual lives.

We are just  finishing with our fall student leaders training as we challenge high school students with a leadership style based on Jesus’ teachings. These students are jumping into serving with younger students at Sunday school, youth group and activities, as they use who they are to bring glory to God!


Just this weekend, students will be participating in a couple different
community activities; including the Cascades Trash Bash, Ridgetop Trunk or Treat, and in December, Feed-a-Student to impact our community! It is exciting to see students explore faith and put it into action!

Daniel Eagan