Exists to fulfill the Mission of Riverside Church in the lives of 6th to 12th grade students and their families. Through active participation in youth groups, Bible studies, events, etc. students have the opportunity to grow into fully devoted followers of Christ.


We are currently meeting in person with Middle and High School Students through out the week. We are hosting Small groups, Bible study and Shared Study Space to distance learn and work on group projects. After talking with many parents and students, we have heard that having an out of the house day for Distance Learning could be very good for your student (and you).  So we are moving forward with a Shared Study Space at Riverside Church on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. As we have seen countless times over the last 6 months ‘we will see how it goes’.   Here is the current plan.  Ever changing and evolving.

  • The worship room currently has 15 work stations.  Students can sit 1 per table/station.  While some of the students are already in each other’s ‘bubble’ we are not making exceptions unless students are siblings. There are a few reasons for this and I am happy to address them if you have questions. We have 1 table that is 6ft long, students can sit on opposite ends of that, otherwise they each need their OWN station.


  • The room will function similar to a library environment. We are asking students to have headphones in, working quietly at their desks.  If students need to do a group project, watch a video without headphones, participate in a special (like PE or Music) we have other rooms and outside for students to use.  We will do whatever we can to accommodate your student and their schedule, so please let us know if something in their schedule would prevent them from coming, maybe we can come up with a creative solution.


  • We will be encouraging students to take breaks!  We will have frisbees, footballs, soccer balls and other things to play with outside the building for stretch and mental health breaks! Unless sitting at their station or outside, We will be asking students if they are walking around the space to have a mask on.
  • On academic days (Wed and Thurs) we will be providing an optional bagged lunch.


  • PARENTS, we are looking for volunteer assistance in order to staff the space adequately.  If you would be able to join our list of volunteers to help in the room for a FULL or HALF day please let me know! EMAIL DANIEL


  • We will do everything we can to create a safe environment for learning. While we can do many things to lower the probability of exposure to illness, we cannot remove the possibility. Please take that into consideration.


  • Middle School Small Groups – 3:45PM Thursday’s at Riverside, in person


  • High School Students
    • High School Bible Study 7:50AM – 8:30AM – Wednesday Mornings – Drink and Breakfast, please wear a mask




One important core value of Riverside Student Ministries is everyone is invited. It does not matter if you “go” to Riverside, or not. You are welcome at any activity, or event. So, fee free to sign up, or just show up and bring a friend!

Do you have questions or would like to know more about Student Ministry contact us. Daniel Eagan


Please visit the calendar or follow Riverside students on Instagram or Facebook or Remind101 (Send a text to 81010 enter graduation year, @rpc2020) to see the upcoming activities and events for students.  Parents or students; if you have any questions, comments, or need anything please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you want to chat about getting plugged in (or parents wanting to get their child connected) we are happy to talk more about Riverside Student Ministries.


Weekly on Sundays,  5:30pm – 7:00pm Youth Group will host:
  • Dinner.  We will host a pizza and pasta dinner.  We are happy to accommodate allergies and diet restrictions, please contact us to make arrangements. Students are also welcome to bring their own food.


  • Games.  We will have group games to get to know each other, and this week a crowd favorite Human Foosball and more.


  • Message. Each week we will take time to dive into something that connects the teachings of Jesus Christ with our lives.  This week we are looking at how prayer and community are important and  positive to life.  Next week we will be looking again at community and scripture (the Bible).  Then we will be starting a series called ‘the Upside Down Kingdom’ that focuses on teachings of Jesus that are different than what our culture teaches now, such as servant leadership.