Children are the church

Children are the church
“I enjoy teaching Sunday school because I love watching our kids grow in their faith in God and relationships with each other. It is rewarding to be a part of team that has the opportunity to tell children each week that they are loved by God, now and forever. These little people have taught me so much about God’s love and grace and have truly challenged me to grow in my own walk with God. I feel privileged to be apart of their lives and forever gratefully for the other teachers who love my own children and are another voice speaking truth and love into their lives.”  – Kristine Kruttschnitt

“I only began volunteering in the Nursery and Pre-K programs in the beginning of this year, but it has been amazing
watching the children of this church grow in knowledge (and personality) during these few short months.  While I love pouring into the youth, God has been pouring into me by
creating connections to the children, their families, and other adults.  By volunteering in the Sunday morning Children’s Programs I have deepened and strengthened my relationship to God’s family here at Riverside!” – Susan Bell

“Why I Volunteer – I truly enjoy seeing all of the children grow Spiritually!  They ask great questions, contribute to
interesting discussions and are a pleasure to work with – while keeping you on your toes.  As a result of volunteering in the children’s ministry, specifically in preparing for the
lessons and teaching on Sunday morning, I must say I have gained a lot of Biblical knowledge and have seen myself grow in my Spiritual walk.  I am now starting into my fourth year (never thought I would last that long!)!  By the way I am having a lot fun.  I encourage you to volunteer as you will truly be rewarded.” – Tim Tingler –

“As a Sunday school teacher it has been great to see the 3rd-5th grade kids being willing to pray out loud for each other. Usually I write down the prayer
requests, and hand the individual requests out, and they pray aloud for a
request. We also try to make sure they have a fun time each week at the end of class- we want them to look forward to coming back to church each week!” – Karen Tingler